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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"I am incredibly thankful for your willingness to help me out with this and your support!! It was definitely a miracle that you opened the studio in Berlin at the exact right time... like Buddha says "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" It couldnt be any more true!! The studio has proven true to its name, "Jentle" being that your approach is so absolutely gentle and the "Healing Center" portion of the name is just as true... without yoga I would NOT have been as kind and gentle to myself. Each time I come to class you always talk about us letting ourselves just be, accept who we are at that very moment and HONOR ourselves, it has taught me patience and kindness with myself that I have never experienced before!!! I look forward to many years of yoga with you as well! And I am hopeful to perhaps teach beside you some day!"
 ~ KT

"Jennifer is filled with love and truly cares about helping you feel more balance and freedom in your life through yoga. She is there for you and is passionate about teaching yoga. She is a natural leader that can also be there to listen to you when you are struggling. Jennifer uses her intuition and the present moment to teach. I highly recommend her as she will give you the personal attention you desire."  
 ~ K. B.

"Jennifer is an exceptional teacher. She balances nurturing while still challenging you to go to your edge. She is a unique, special being and I feel fortunate for the positive imprint she has had on both my yoga practice and life."  
~ Kari

"Its disgusting how wonderful I feel after the Chair Yoga Class."
~  JR